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Sweden Water Research conducts research into water and develops new, effective solutions to meet the future challenges facing the water services industry.

We create, run, participate in and initiate projects that seek out suitable partnerships, with the ultimate aim of increasing knowledge of successful methods for the development and climate change adaptation of the cities of the future. Projects within Sweden Water Research are run in close collaboration with the owner municipalities and will, in either the short or the long term, benefit day-to-day operations.

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Completed Projects

Adaptive urban landscape

The goal is collecting and evaluating the practical, design based

Completed Projects

Aerobic granular sludge, a new technology for municipal wastewater treatment plants – the state-of-the-art

The aerobic granular sludge (AGS) technology is an innovative, compact

Foto granuler mot mörk bakgrund.

Ongoing Projects

AGNES – Aerobic Granular sludge – Nutrient removal and recovery Efficiency in Sweden

The aerobic granular sludge (AGS) technology is an innovative, compact and energy efficient wastewater treatment process that seems to be mature for full-scale implementation around the world.

Utsikt över sjön Bolmen och en flytande forskningsplattform.

Ongoing Projects


Aquanet is a project that focuses on the study of the resistance and resilience of an ecosystem due to disturbances and environmental disturbances.

Bild på slamlager, Sjölunda Avloppsreningsverk

Completed Projects

Back to the basics: high-loaded activated sludge

Without the presence of enhanced nitrogen removal processes, it is

Provtagning av biofilm

Ongoing Projects

Biofilm in Water Utilities

Biofilters have been used to treat drinking water for over

Ongoing Projects

Blue-green stormwater solutions

Furthermore, considering the expected tighter requirements in near future it

Ongoing Projects


BONUS CLEANWATER is a research project working with solutions to

Cyanobakterier i vatten

Ongoing Projects


Around the world, the frequency and intensity of cyanobacterial blooms in lakes and coasts are increasing. This project will work with a real-time early warning system for risk assessment and forecasting of cyanobacterials in lakes, streams and coast.

Flödescytometri är som ett slags fingeravtryck.

Ongoing Projects

Flow cytometry – a rapid method to study bacteria in water

This project will fractionate different parts of the fingerprint and look more specifically on which types of bacteria is present in certain fractions of the fingerprint with DNA sequencing.

Future City Flow project

Ongoing Projects

Future City Flow

Aging lines, changed climate with intense rainfall, large paved surfaces,

Ongoing Projects

Future ion-channel based membranes for water purification

Membrane technology, in particular reverse osmosis (RO), is an established