Emma Fältström

PhD student


Emma has previously worked with research in freshwater ecology (at Umeå University and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Umeå) on how anthropogenic activities impact freshwater systems. As of March 2016, Emma is employed as an industrial PhD candidate at Sweden Water Research and conduct her research education at the division of Environmental Technology and Management at Linköping University.
The research is about flows of environmental pollution in wastewater and stormwater, with particular focus on microplastics. Flow analysis and the source control initiatives in the water and wastewater sector is used as a starting point to develop strategies to control microplastics in the urban environment.

Relaterade publikationer

Fältström E. (2015) Thicker than water – Exploring values among actors sharing a water body for effective management: The case of Lake Ringsjön. Master´s thesis. Lund University, Sweden,

Ekblad M., Fältström E., Edefell E. (2017) Reducing concentrations of microplastics and organic micropollutants 8th International Young Water Professionals Conference, Kapstaden, Sydafrika, 10-13 december 2017,