Emma Fältström

PhD student


Emma has previously worked with research in freshwater ecology (at Umeå Univerity and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Umeå) on how anthropogenic activities impact freshwater systems. As of March 2016 Emma is employed as an industrial PhD candidate and the position is divided between research and work with environmental issues at NSVA.

The topic of research is source control of environmental pollution. By using a holistic, systematic and interdisciplinary approach, historical and current source control strategies are investigated. In addition, the future path for source control in order to meet future demands and environmental objectives is explored.

Relaterade publikationer

Fältström E. (2015) Thicker than water – Exploring values among actors sharing a water body for effective management: The case of Lake Ringsjön. Master´s thesis. Lund University, Sweden,

Fältström, E., Gustafsson, S., Hagman, M., Wittgren, H-B., Anderberg, Stefan. (2018) Kommunperspektiv på uppströmsarbete i Sverige i dag och i framtiden Svenskt Vatten Utveckling,

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Ljung, E., Borg Olesen, K., Andersson, P-G., Fältström, E., Vollertsen, J., Wittgren, H-B., Hagman, M. (2018) Mikroplaster i kretsloppet Svenskt Vatten Utveckling,

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