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Talare på konferensen om mikroplast.

What do we know about microplastics? Report from conference and workshop in November 2017

Sweden Water Research was one of the organizers of a conference and workshop on the topic of microplastics in November 2017. Read more about the most important conclutions in the report from the meetings.

Sweden Water Research becomes member of national research infrastructure

Sweden Water Research is now an associated member of SITES – Swedish Infrastructure for Ecosystem Science. SITES is a nationally co-ordinated infrastructure for terrestrial and limnological field research.

Seminar on microplastics, 8 November, Malmö, Sweden

On November 8, an IWA Sweden seminar on microplastics was held in Malmö. The seminar presented new international knowledge about microplastics and its presence in water, wastewater and sludge. The question of what happens to microplastics in sewage treatment plants and in the field of sludge spreading on arable land. One conclusion is that we need more knowledge about microplastics in order to make the right decisions on how to solve the problems.
Salar Haghighatafshar

Salar Haghighatafshar’s midway seminar

Welcome to Salar Haghighatafshar's midway seminar entitled "Mesoscopic-scale evaluation of sustainable drainage systems" on 6 November.

Source separation systems – a solution for future generations

Source separation systems can be the way leading to a sustainable environment for islands, lakes and seas for future generations. That's the main result shown in the final report for a development project. The project has been prepared to provide support to Swedish municipalities and water companies in building and planning for the future. The researchers' experience will be used for the expansion of the H+ city district in Helsingborg.
Provtagning i jord. Doktoranden Emma Fältström skrapar av en spade.

Save the date – IWA Sweden-seminar on micro-plastics

Welcome to a seminar on November 8th, focusing on new international knowledge about micro-plastics. The day after the seminar, Sweden Water Research will organize a workshop for researchers within the field.

Carina Svensson elected Chairman of Sweden Water Research

On Friday, 19 May, Carina Svensson was elected chairman of Sweden Water Research.

Unique cooperation behind the new Water Research School

April 6-7 was the kick-off for the new research school Water Research School, which is a unique collaboration between seven Swedish universities and the Water & Wastewater Industry. The project has received 4 million SEK in support from Formas between 2017-2020 and will be offered to thirty doctoral students.

Tobias Hey has presented his doctoral thesis

December 9th, 2016, Tobias Hey presented his doctoral thesis in Lund.

Congratulations Angelica Lidén

October 28th, 2016 Angelica Lidén presented her doctoral thesis.

Welcome dr Alfredo Gonzalez-Perez

Alfredo is currently working as a researcher at Sweden Water Research AB with new advanced materials for the water industry.

Congratulations Katharina Lührig!

May 27th, 2016 Katharina Lührig is presenting har doctoral thesis, the very first of the Sweden Water Researchs doctoral candidates.