20 millions SEK to Innovative stormwater impact mitigation

A new research project, Innovative stormwater impact mitigation, has been granted 20 million SEK from Formas to develop and demonstrate innovative practices for stormwater treatment.

With urbanization and more intense rainfall the demands on the systems that manage stormwater increases. Additionally, stormwater contains various pollutants. Today, stormwater is often discharged into lakes, rivers, and the sea with little or inadequate treatment. Treatment technologies need to be developed to meet the current and future requirements for stormwater quality, resource management, and the potential for on-site stormwater use in properties.

The project addresses two challenges:

  1. Space-efficient, resource-efficient yet comprehensive purification of large flows of stormwater from urban environments
  2. Property-adjacent stormwater purification for direct use of stormwater within the property

Belongs to project

ISWIM – Innovative stormwater impact mitigation