Common challenges and investments for The Sound

Within the ÖReWise project, representatives of the water and waste water operations met to find solutions to common challenges for the Sound and investments in climate adaptation measures.

A special meeting took place at RecoLab in Helsingborg in January 2022 within the ÖReWise project. Representatives of the largest water and waste water operations on both sides of Öresund, the Sound, met to work to find joint solutions to common challenges for the Sound. The focus was also on common investments connected to climate adaptation measures, not least regarding rainfall.

There are many things to collaborate on around the Sound. Above all, there is a common marine environment to take care of and great needs for climate adaptation that will require both green innovation and major investments in the coming years.

The next step is to put together Danish and Swedish experts to concretize collaborations and projects. It requires not only experts from the water and waste water utilities, but also from municipalities, regions, research and companies. This process will be continued during the spring.

Sweden Water Research leads the work within ÖReWise together with the Danish National Network for Climate Adaptation and Greater Copenhagen with support from, among others, Interreg Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak.

In the picture, from right to left:

Joel Olthed, director for VA SYD; Allan Bruus, water manager at Forsyning Helsingør A / S; Dan Fredskov, plan and project manager at BIOFOS; Frank Brodersen, frontman of the Danish National Network for Climate Adaptation; Carsten Nystrup, director of Novafos and Henrik Aspegren, head of Sweden Water Research. HOFOR A / S, NSVA – Northwest Skåne’s Water and Sewerage and Kristianstad municipality would also have participated in RecoLab, but the Covid situation meant that not everyone had the opportunity to participate.