Jennifer Ekholm – the first PhD in the AGNES project

Welcome Jennifer Ekholm, the first PhD student within the AGNES II Project. She will be working with a full-scale study on implementation of the first aerobic granular sludge reactors in Sweden.

At Österröd Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) in the municipality of Strömstad, Sweden, the first aerobic granular sludge (AGS) reactors in the Nordic countries will be implemented when upgrading the WWTP for higher loadings. The municipality of Strömstad, Sweden Water Research and other stakeholders have started a project about the start- up and the following years of operation. The project is co-financed by development fund of the Swedish Water and Wastewater Association (project no. SVU 17-122). The AGS reactors at Österröd WWTP will be started in June 2018.

Jennifer Ekholm is now employed as a PhD student at Chalmers University of Technology to be the researcher that is doing the scientific work in the project AGNES II – Introduction of aerobic granular sludge in Sweden, a full-scale study.

Jennifer finished her Master studies in Environmental Engineering at Lund University last year. Her Masters’s thesis was about nitrification inhibition of industrial wastewaters. Last summer she worked in a summer project at VA SYD and during the autumn of 2018 she worked as a guide at the scientific playground Vattenhallen at Lund University.

Jennifer has already presented herself at the IWA Granular Sludge Conference in Delft, the Netherlands, 18-21 March, where Jennifer and four colleagues from the AGNES project has participated, with three platform presentations in total at the conference.

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AGNES – Aerobic Granular sludge – Nutrient removal and recovery Efficiency in Sweden