Meet us at the World Water Congress & Exhibition

We have been waiting, and finally! Four intense days of connecting the water business from the whole world are approaching. Let's meet in Copenhagen for seminars, poster sessions, workshops, networking, exhibition and technical tours. We look forward to meeting you there.

The IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition starts Sunday the 11th until Thursday the 15th of  September. Bella Centre outside Copenhagen will be filled with water professionals from the whole world! Find the programme for the week here.

Sweden Water Research and our owners will be part of the Swedish Pavillion. You can find us at C2-256 among the Nordic Pavillions.

Lunch seminars in the Swedish Pavillion

Don’t miss out on the four lunch seminars on different themes that we will be arranging in the Swedish Pavillion.

  • Monday 12.30-13.15: Water innovations, a path to sustainability
  • Tuesday 12.30-13.15: Maintenance planning and securing operation
  • Wednesday 12.30-13.15: PFAS everywhere and forever
  • Thursday 12.30-13.15: Circular constituents in sewage

Activities that we (and owners) arrange or contribute to

Monday 12 September:


  • Deep Learning For Modelling Of Urban Drainage Networks: A Physics-informed Surrogate Model Using Measured And Simulated Data,
    Salar Haghighatafshar, Lund University, Sweden (Tema 4, Presentation Technical Session 4.4.8)


  • Future City Flow – Online Value-based Decision Support For Optimized Real Time Forecast And Control Of Sewerage Systems,
    Douglas Lumley, DHI Sverige AB, Sweden (Tema 1, Presentation Technical Session 1.13)
  • A Method To Counter The Massive Jurisdictional Burden From The Historic Cloudburst Event 2014 In Malmö,
    Patrik Nilsson, VA SYD, Sweden  (Tema 4, Presentation Technical Session 4.4.8)

Tuesday 13 September:


  • From A Vision To A Sustainable Preliminary Concept For New Sjölunda WWTP Using An Innovative And Holistic Approach,
    Jeanette Madsen, EnviDan, Denmark (Tema 1, Presentation Technical Session 1.6)


  • Think H2O! – An Educational Project To Raise High School Students’ Awareness Of The Future Water Challenges,
    Sandra Nordstrom, Sydvatten, Sweden (Tema 5, Presentation, Technical Session 5.4)

Wednesday  14 September:


  • Systemic management for water wise cities – scandinavian experiences.
    Chairs: Henrik Aspegren, Sweden (Tema 4, Workshop)
  • The Road Towards Climate And Energy Neutral Water Utilities.
    Chairs: Pär Dalhielm, Sweden & Marie Sagen, Norway (Tema 1, Workshop 1.1)


  • Water Orientated Living Labs As A Mean To Engage Stakeholders In The Development And Demonstration Of Water Technologies.
    Chairs: Jens Prisum, Denmark and Henrik Aspegren, Sweden (Tema 5, Workshop 5.4)

Thursday 15 September:


  • Reaching Out For The Water Wise Generation.
    Chairs: Stig Dalum, Denmark & Anna Kristiansson, Sweden. (Tema 5, Workshop 5.5)
  • Results Of The First AGS Application In The Nordic Countries,
    Mark de Blois, H2OLAND AB, Sweden (Tema 2, Presentation Technical Session 2.1.4-1)

Svensk Technical Tour fredag den 16/9

Get the most out of your Nordic IWA2022 experience with a one-day visit to Sweden on Friday 16 September. At this tour, you will visit the cities of Malmö, Lund and Helsingborg and three exciting urban development areas where we work with storm- and wastewater in new and innovative ways.

The first stop and second stop in the programme are connected to the project REWAISE. We will visit the newly built wooden parking building in Sege Park, Malmö, where storm water is collected for watering the green walls of the climate neutral building. The next stop is the Brunnshög park area in Lund which is planned with sustainability and climate adaptation in focus and where we are testing membrane technique to purify storm water for new uses.

The third stop is Helsingborg city where we have lunch and visit RecoLab. It’s a Living Lab focusing on urban development around water and sewerage, waste, energy and recycling. Recolab is the largest source-separated sanitation plant in the world using circular treatment to efficiently recycle greywater, blackwater and food waste. It is also one of the three nominees for the Global Water Awards 2022.

Read more about the tour no 11 at the IWA congress web