New phd students: Sara Roth and Ashley Hall

During the autumn, Sweden Water Research welcomed phd students Ashley Hall and Sara Roth.

Sara Roth’s research project deals with climate adaptation of the urban stormwater system. Sara wrote her thesis on the combined effects of climate change on the Ståstorpsån in Trelleborg, which is a basis for the phd project she has now started. Before her doctoral position, Sara worked as a consultant in stormwater.

Ashley Hall‘s research project is about source-sorted greywater treatment from washing, showering and sinks ar RecoLab in Helsingborg. Ashley is building a pilot treatment plant to reach extremely low pollutant concentrations in the discharge, to develop knowledge and new processes for decentralized greywater treatment in growing cities.

Belongs to project

Climate adaptation of drainage networks

Treatment of source separated greywater for lower effluent requirements with MBBR and Horizontal Filters