PhD project analyses Phosphorous dynamics in Vombsjön

The lake Vomb serves as the primary drinking water source for approximately 25% of the population of Scania and distributes water to the larger city Malmö.

The lake is very nutrient rich and yearly converts a large mass of phosphorous which shows itself in the lake’s phytoplankton community with a high biomass during late summer and autumn often with a large portion of cyanobacteria. Anna Söderman, new industrial doctoral student at Sweden Water Research and Sydvatten will work with:

  • Analyse the quantity and distribution of phosphorous in the lake and its catchment area as well as additional factors affecting these
  • Develop a dynamical model of the phosphorous dynamics in the lake
  • Analyse different measures towards reducing the phosphorous concentration and quantifying the effectiveness using the developed model
  • Analyse and evaluate the current environmental monitoring in relation to phosphorous loading

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Phosphorous dynamics in Vombsjön