Unique cooperation behind the new Water Research School

April 6-7 was the kick-off for the new research school Water Research School, which is a unique collaboration between seven Swedish universities and the Water & Wastewater Industry. The project has received 4 million SEK in support from Formas between 2017-2020 and will be offered to thirty doctoral students.

“It feels great to be part of setting up such an environment, which will create new conditions for research development in the water area. We know that there are many future challenges concerning water, such as climate change, new needs for purification, major cities and groundwater levels, which require new collaboration. Our goal is that the Water Research School will provide young researchers with a better base for new solutions, “said Kenneth M. Persson, Head of Research at Sweden Water Research and Professor at Lund University.

The goal of the research graduate school is to provide graduates with better knowledge and insight into the needs of society, to create networks for increased understanding of research and lifelong relationships in the coming profession. The research graduate school also wants to improve and complement ongoing and upcoming research by providing broader perspectives that include sustainability and social values.

In total, the graduate school will include 15 weeks of scheduled full-time studies, study visits and visits abroad. The education will ambulate between the seven universities and Sweden Water Research.

Read a report from the kick-off meeting here

About the Water Research School

The Water Research School is a collaboration between The Swedish Water & Wastewater Association through the research clusters VA-teknik Södra, DRICKS, VA-kluster Mälardalen, and Dag&Nät and Sweden Water Research, involving researchers from seven Universities in Sweden. In total 12 PhD courses are planned to be given during the period 2017-2020. There will also be yearly seminars, the next will be held in Luleå 7-8 February 2018, and a mentor program.

Kenneth M. Persson, Professor at Lund University and Head of Research at Sweden Water Research, is the main applicant in the project. The graduate school is run from Lund University, Department of Technical Water Resources Engineering, by the director of studies, Magnus Persson.

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