Licenciate dissertation, Simon Gidstedt

Simon Gidstedt, phd student at Sweden Water Research, vill defend his licenciate thesis on 18th of March at 13.15.

Without proper wastewater treatment, our lakes and rivers would be polluted, leading to harmful effects on the aquatic environment. Pharmaceutical residues are one group of pollutants that needs to be removed. It is also important to minimize the amount of energy used in wastewater treatment in order to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and reduce global warming. This dissertation concerns the treatment of municipal wastewater by using chemical precipitation, multiple stages of filtration and activated carbon for adsorption. The findings will hopefully contribute to ensuring that we protect the aquatic environment so that we can continue to enjoy it in the future.

Title: Physicochemical Treatment of Municipal Wastewater – From Direct Membrane Filtration to Adsorption of Organic Micropollutants.

The dissertation is open for audience but it is also possible to take part online.