The value in waste water – from problem to profit

Sweden Water Research is hosting the next innovation meeting at WIN Water concerning waste water as a resource. The meeting will be held digitally as well as physically in Malmö, Sweden, for those who has the possibility.

About the meeting:

The knowledge of how to use different qualities of water will be an asset for the future, where we don´t use drinking water quality for toilet flushing or to irrigate our lawns. Some years ago, water with different contents were named polluted or waste water, with a negative impact on the balance sheets in terms of cost and permits. At WIN Water we are involved in several projects focusing on the resource and value that water in different qualities represent.

Mark your calendar! On May 7 we welcome you to our WIN Water meeting to further spread the knowledge, take part of the new innovations presented and how different actors are challenging the linear way for managing water issues.

Register by April 29th

The number of participants is limited so register before April 29th! Sign up using this link.

Preliminary agenda

  • Making products from resource water — Interaction for methods and business models, Andreas Lagerblad, VA SYD
  • Water purification — Steel slags-residue to be used for a new potential business, Björn Haase, Höganäs AB
  • TBA, Ulla Sandborgh, Regeringskansliet
  • The magic of C-Green – Turning sludge into biochar using nothing but air, Erik Oden, C-Green Technology
  • From smelly sludge to shiny plastics with Bioextrax, Edvard Hall, Bioextrax
  • TBA, Patrik Enfält, EasyMining
  • Presentations and updates from our partners
  • Presentations and updates from our innovation companies

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