Doctoral theses

Here you can find doctoral theses by our PhD students.

Clemens Klante

Hydrophysical processes governing brownification: A case study of Lake Bolmen, Sweden

Disputerade 2023-06-09

Link to Clemens Klantes’ doctoral thesis

Maja Ekblad

Removal of organic micropollutantns from wastewater in a Swedish context


Link to Maja Ekblad’s doctoral thesis

Ellen Edefell

Perspectives on biofilms for removal of organic micropollutants in wastewater


Link to Ellen Edefell’s doctoral thesis

Simon Gidstedt

Physicochemical Treatment of Municipal Wastewater – From Direct Membrane Filtration to Adsorption of Organic Micropollutants

Licentiate 2022-02-18

Link to Simon Gidstedt’s doctoral thesis

Shifteh Mobini

Just or Unjust : Assessment of rainfall-related flood damage in a Swedish context


Link to Shifteh Mobini’s doctoral thesis

Rubén Juárez Camara

Ozonation in Advanced Wastewater Treatment : Practical Aspects and Development of a Prediction Tool for Pharmaceutical Removal

Licentiate 2021-04-29

Link to Rubén Juárez Camara’s doctoral thesis

Kristofer Hägg

Modern Artificial Recharge Plants – Combining chemical flocculation with aquifer recharge


Link to Kristofer Hägg’s doctoral thesis

Kristjan Pullerits

Impact of Drinking Water Treatment and Pipe Biofilms on Bacterial Dynamics in the Distribution System


Link to Kristjan Pullerits’ doctoral thesis

Jing Li

Managing Eutrophic Waters in Artificial Recharge Plants – Cyanotoxin risk in Swedish freshwaters


Link to Jing Li’s doctoral thesis

Salar Haghighatafshar

Blue-green Stormwater Systems for Citywide Flood Mitigation – Monitoring Conceptualization, Modeling, and Evaluation


Link to Salar Haghighatafshars’ doctoral thesis

Sandy Chan

Processes governing the drinking water microbiome


Link to Sandy Chan’s doctoral thesis

Tobias Hey

Municipal wastewater treatment by microsieving, microfiltration and forward osmosis: Concepts and potentials


Link to Tobias Hey’s doctoral thesis

Angelica Lidén

Safe drinking water in a changing environment, Membrane filtration in a Swedish context


Link to Angelica Liden’s doctoral thesis

Katharina Lührig

Bacterial Communities in Drinking Water Biofilms


Link to Katharina Lührig’s doctoral thesis