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Testbeds and Living Labs

Sweden Water Research has a variety of Testbeds and Living Labs – both in connection to our owners and as our own projects. We work from source to sea with testbeds within the areas of drinking water, waste water and storm water. Do you have a problem to solve but don’t know which testbed would be the best start? Contact us and we will help you! .

We work from source to sea with our testbeds focusing on drinking water, waste water and stormwater. Our network includes water and sewerage companies, innovation companies, municipalities, companies, researchers and students. We have access to premises, laboratories and high competence from both specialists in the field and relevant actors.

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Living Labs for a Water Smart Future

REWAISE – Resilient Water Innovation for Smart Economy

REWAISE is one of five innovation projects supported by the Horizon 2020 framework program. The goal is to reduce the use of drinking water and use water in a smarter and more efficient way. The purpose of the Swedish part of the project is to investigate how water-use can be improved with examples from the urban development processes in Sege Park in Malmö, and Brunnshög in Lund. We will do this through new innovative solutions that focus on harvesting and reusing stormwater, local cycles with nutrients from urine-sorting toilets and digital methods.

Bolmen Research Station

Bolmen Research station is located in Tiraholm by the lake Bolmen. The focus of the research is primarily environmental monitoring, fisheries and fisheries management, projects for water management and the effects of climate change on marine ecosystems. The station is part of a national network of field stations, SITES, and is open to all universities and colleges that want to do research on Bolmen.


Three pipes out and RecoLab in Helsingborg enables new and better recycling of resources. The three source-sorting waste water streams from Oceanhamnen are available. The development facility in the room next door also enables extraction from the various process steps of black water, grey water and food waste. The facility – the first of its kind in northern Europe – was recently awarded as ‘wastewater project of the year’ at the Global Water Awards 2022. Here, indispensable resources are being extracted to a greater extent than is possible with conventional sewage treatment.

Testbed Ellinge – drying, pyrolysis and productification of sewage sludge

Five water service companies are collaborating to run a testbed for drying, pyrolysis and productification of different types of sewage sludge. The purpose of Testbädd Ellinge is to create a basis for Swedish sewage works path choice for sustainable sludge management and disposal. The project is expected to result in that relatively unexplored alternatives for sewage sludge management and plant nutrient recycling are elucidated so that water service companies can invest in technologies without performing own pilot studies.

Källby Water Workshop

Källby Water Workshop in Lund is an innovative test bed and an arena where companies, universities and utilities can work together to develop the future measurement methods for drinking water quality. We offer test opportunities along the entire water route, from raw water to the customer's tap and finally as recycled wastewater. We welcome students, researchers, product developers and other testers to work with us and to develop the instruments and measurement methods of the future together with the end users.

Go on a digital tour: testbeds are developing the water solutions of the future (in Swedish)

Welcome to a digital tour to VA SYD, NSVA, Sydvatten and Sweden Water Research. In our different testbeds in Scaania are we developing the water solutions of the future. Get a sneak peek into Källby Water Workshop in Lund, RecoLab in Helsingborg, Bolmen Research station in Tiraholm and the innovation project REWAISE in Malmö and Lund.