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How does the pretreatment of wastewater affect the energy balance …

... and the need for volume for the biological treatment?
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The 2nd Swedish Conference on Sewage Sludge Biochar 2024

It's time to make space in your calendar for the 2nd Swedish Conference on Sewage Sludge Biochar, 15-17 October 2024.

New report on the city’s sources of microplastics

Emma Fältström, a PhD student at Sweden Water Research, and Heléne Österlund at Luleå University of Technology have in their report “μrban Plastics – Sources, sinks and flows of microplastics in the urban environment” mapped out how microplastics from land enter our water environments, with a focus on stormwater.
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Phosphorus availability in sludge biocharis to be studied in crop frame trial

The Swedish Water and Wastewater Association Development Fund has granted a project where phosphorus availability in sewage sludge and sludge biochar is to be studied in crop frame trials at the University of Copenhagen.

Say hello to our new board!

The board consists of the following individuals, as of June 12 2023.

ICU – improved carbon utilization in a smaller footprint

In the research project ICU, industrial PhD student Elin Ossiansson is testing a new process combination for more efficient wastewater treatment, aiming to generate an equal amount of biogas from the sludge but with reduced energy consumption. After two years of pilot testing at the Källby wastewater treatment plant, the results are promising.
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PhD project analyses Phosphorous dynamics in Vombsjön

The lake Vomb serves as the primary drinking water source for approximately 25% of the population of Scania and distributes water to the larger city Malmö.

Welcome Ellen!

Ellen Edefell starts as a project manager at Sweden Water Research

Testbed Ellinge represented when waste was in new focus

In March, people interested in waste gathered from all corners of Sweden in Gothenburg for the conference Waste in New Focus. During the session that dealt with attitudes and potentials around sludge recycling, Dag Lorick participated and told about Gryaab's view on pyrolysis and about the work carried out in Testbed Ellinge.
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Expression of interest – dry and pyrolyse your sludge in Testbed Ellinge

In August 2023, the pilot facility within the Testbed Ellinge project will begin its operation. The project is now looking for interested wastewater utilities that want to send their sludge to the facility.
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EBI is working to include sludge biochar in the FPR

Since the summer of 2022, the EU's Fertilising Products Regulation (FPR) has been in place for fertilisers within the EU. Sewage sludge as a substrate for pyrolysis which can then be used as fertilizer, sludge biochar, is not included in the FPR. The European Biochar Industry (EBI) has now published a position paper regarding the pyrolysis of sewage sludge and sludge biochar.

What happens during the “microbial bus journey”?

Imagine that the water drop is like a bus and the bacteria are its passengers. In our project The microbial bus journey we have investigated whether or not the same groups of bacteria remain in the bus from the water treatment plant to the last stop on the journey.