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Sweden Water Research conducts research into water and develops new, effective solutions to meet the future challenges facing the water services industry.

We create, run, participate in and initiate projects that seek out suitable partnerships, with the ultimate aim of increasing knowledge of successful methods for the development and climate change adaptation of the cities of the future. Projects within Sweden Water Research are run in close collaboration with the owner municipalities and will, in either the short or the long term, benefit day-to-day operations.

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Completed Projects

Adaptive urban landscape

The goal is collecting and evaluating the practical, design based solutions to deal with water challenges and develop the blue-green infrastructure of the cities. The…

Completed Projects

Blue-green stormwater solutions

Furthermore, considering the expected tighter requirements in near future it seems also necessary to improve the effluent quality from the open systems as well. This…

Ongoing Projects

Educational activities – a vehicle for meeting future recruitment needs?

This project is looking into how effective the educational activities are and how they can be developed to attract both boys’ and girls’ interest in a career within the water sector.

Ongoing Projects

Future City Flow

Aging lines, changed climate with intense rainfall, large paved surfaces, combined with stormwater and wastewater ends up in the common pipes, creates major problems in…

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Ongoing Projects

Less is more

Micropollutants, or contaminants of emerging concern (CEC), referring to a number of various substances such as pharmaceuticals, biocides and endocrine disruptors, may have adverse environmental…

Completed Projects

MACRO – Food in robust circular systems

There are several ongoing initiatives developing technical solutions for large source separating systems, development of treatment solutions that ensures the quality and increase opportunities for…

Completed Projects


In cooperation between scientists, industry, water- and district heating companies, we are developing and testing five new methods and technical solutions. We will also identify…

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Completed Projects

SuNha or later…

In Sweden, the economic value of nitrogen in wastewater from toilets is around five times more worth compared to the phosphorus content, but less than…

Ongoing Projects


Almost all nutrients (>85% of the total amounts of nitrgen, phosphorus and potassium) in the municipal wastewater is found in the toilet wastewater. The urine…

Completed Projects

URINITE – Stabilisation of urine by nitrification

Experiences of urine nitrification without alkalinity addition are very few and only a few research groups have studied the process. In the urine separation system…