Cultivating urban bazaars – for sustainable, job-creating urban development, step 3

Cultivating urban bazaars is an innovation project whose goal is to build a small-scale, sustainable industry through urban cultivation that creates new jobs and the opportunity to reach out to start-up companies focused on innovative environmental technology.

In unused underground spaces or disused industrial premises, cultivations are created for fresh spices, lettuce and mushrooms. The surplus from sales is reinvested in social activities and creates a local, circular economy. Cultivating urban bazaars show how it is possible to combine technology and social commitment to create a sustainable future for the big city.
A partnership, Public-Private-Non-profit-Innovation collaboration (OPIIS) consisting of social enterprises, cultivation companies, property owners/developers, municipalities and technology companies. Intends to invest in urban year-round cultivations in Stockholm, Helsingborg and Landskrona.

Cultivating urban bazaars is a Vinnova project within Challenge-driven innovation step 3 – implementation.

You can find the project’s website here

Project manager

Leif Rönngren
Nya Rågsveds Folkets Hus