Exploration of new online methods for monitoring and analyzing bathing water quality

This is the PhD research project of Isabel Erb. Isabel is an industrial PhD student working for Sweden Water Research and Lund University.

PHD PROJECT Isabel was first introduced to the Urbana Bad project in 2021 as part of her master’s degree project. Isabel has been continuing her work as an industrial doctoral student as of autumn 2022. Her responsibilities in the Urbana Bad project moving forward will primarily involve finding factors that influence urban bathing water quality in Scania. This will be done by combining knowledge available from online monitoring technology, and the role of hydrology and bacterial compositions in sediments on bathing water quality. Parts of the project will include modeling online monitoring data that will contribute to assessing and forecasting microbial water quality in marine environments in Helsingborg.

This PhD project is a part of the Urbana Bad project.

Supervisor: Catherine Paul, Lund University

Co-supervisor: Markus Fröjd, Sweden Water Research

The project aims to find out

  • If abiotic factors, such as precipitation, wind direction and temperature affect the levels of indicator bacteria
  • If the source of poor bathing water quality in Barnviken is in Hammarsbäck
  • How flow cytometry data can be used to predict bathing water quality in real time