Introduction of new microorganisms which can contribute to enhanced nitrogen removal from wastewater with lower energy and resource requirements than conventional treatment is very welcome. The project Manammox aims to investigate, through pilot studies, the possibility to implement anaerobic ammonium oxidation (anammox) in the mainstream at Sjölunda Wastewater Treatment Plant.

By successfully utilising anammox bacteria, the electrical energy demand can decrease, eventual methanol dosage could be stopped, the biogas production can increase and recirculation flows at the wastewater treatment plant can decrease.

A well-functional anammox process requires that desired microbial growth is favored and unwanted competition is minimised. The anammox process has been introduced at nearly 100 wastewater treatment plants all around the world for treatment of warm, highly concentrated sludge liquors from dewatering of anaerobically digested wastewater sludge and industrial wastewaters. However, the challenge to introduce the process in the mainstream at municipal wastewater treatment plants remains.

Today’s special process configuration together with the upcoming need of extension regarding nitrogen removal at Sjölunda Waste Water Treatment Plant make the pilot studies especially suitable for Sjölunda. If the study is successful, Sjölunda could be one of the first plants with mainstream anammox.

Manammox stands for Mainstream anammox.

Project members from Sweden Water Research and and its owners