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Sweden Water Research conducts research into water and develops new, effective solutions to meet the future challenges facing the water services industry.

We create, run, participate in and initiate projects that seek out suitable partnerships, with the ultimate aim of increasing knowledge of successful methods for the development and climate change adaptation of the cities of the future. Projects within Sweden Water Research are run in close collaboration with the owner municipalities and will, in either the short or the long term, benefit day-to-day operations.

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Completed Projects

MACRO – Food in circular robust systems, step 3

MACRO (Food in Circular Robust Systems, step 3) is a Vinnova project within Challenge-driven innovation…

Completed Projects


An introduction of anammox bacteria, as a significant nitrogen removal process in the mainstream of…

Ongoing Projects

Measurement of direct greenhouse gas emissions from wastewater treatment basins

Climate neutrality in the water and wastewater business can only be fulfilled if emissions of methane and nitrous oxide are low. We need good methods to identify and quantify these emissions.

Ett hålfibermembran, sett ovanifrån.

Completed Projects

Membrane against brownification – ”GenoMembran”

Since lakes and rivers are very important for the water supply in Sweden, the drinking…

Completed Projects


Worldwide population will reach 8.1 billion by 2025 and clean accessible water is essential for…

vattenpöl med höstlöv

Ongoing Projects

Microplastics in urban waters

PHD PROJECT Microplastics (plastic particles smaller than 5 mm) have received increased attention in the…

Microplastics Report exposes need for harmonizing research, policies and frameworks

The recent publication of the Review of existing policies and research related to microplastics is…

Completed Projects

Micropollutant removal at Sjölunda WWTP – bromate formation in ozonation and regeneration of activated carbon

Previously, micropollutants at Sjölunda WWTP have been mapped and this study answers some supplementary questions…



Completed Projects

NPHarvest – Sustainable recycling of phosphorus and nitrogen

NPHarvest consists of a pre-treatment with calcium hydroxide which results in the precipitation of phosphorus…

Bild på Ellinge Avloppsreningsverk

Completed Projects

Nutrient recycling from wastewater – literature study: an overview of technologies, costs and environmental impact

The report describes established and new technologies for nitrogen recovery from waste­water and compares the…