Reco lab will contribute to the development of the unique system of collecting and handling food- and water waste called Tre Rör Ut (Three Pipes Out) in the residential buildings of Oceanhamnen (The Ocean Harbour) in central Helsingborg. Reco lab should be up and running in the spring of 2021.

Development unit, testbed and showroom

Reco lab is the water and sanitation-equivalent of a Kinder egg. The building contains three main areas;  a development unit, a testbed and a showroom. All three functions contribute to the development of the new system of collecting and handling food- and water waste that will be introduced in the residences in Oceanhamnen situated in central Helsingborg.

Within Reco lab there are several synergy-effects between the energy, water, sewage and food waste sectors.

Reco lab will contribute to a more sustainable social development by being a transboundary workshop of innovation and dialogue.


The showroom will be a meeting point for the city and its inhabitants. It has a permanent exhibition about the city’s handling system for sewage, waste and energy. It will here also be possible to book events, workshops and other interactions. The showroom offers excellent facilities for visualisation, education and communication that support citizens’ behaviour change, in other words a place for the residents of the Oceanhamnen district to turn to for more information.

A development unit

The development unit is a treatment unit for the recycling of resources from the recycling waste system Tre Rör Ut in the Oceanhamnen area. Thanks to the recycling waste system, a number of environmental benefits can be reached in the development unit; especially increased biogas production, an improved eco-cycle of nutrients between city and countryside and more energy efficient treatment of pharmaceuticals.


Within Reco lab a physical place is created in which academia, private and public actors together can test and develop techniques and services within energy, water and waste. The testbed is integrated into a full-scale wastewater and food waste system with world-leading techniques.


H+ is the largest urban development project in Helsingborg in modern times. Up until the year 2035 four new urban districts will be developed to give place to new inhabitants, businesses and meeting points. Oceanhamnen is one of these four new urban districts. Oceanhamnen shall set an example for the continued development of a sustainable social, cultural and physical environment. Central to the investment is a world-leading method of handling wastewater and food waste generated in the home.



  • Develop the sustainable water and sanitation systems of the future with recycling plants instead of treatment plants
  •  Create new value chains for recycled resource from wastewater and food waste
  • Be a regional testbed for the development of sustainable water and sanitation systems.
Hamse Kjerstadius

Project manager

Hamse Kjerstadius


Project leader