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Sweden Water Research conducts research into water and develops new, effective solutions to meet the future challenges facing the water services industry.

We create, run, participate in and initiate projects that seek out suitable partnerships, with the ultimate aim of increasing knowledge of successful methods for the development and climate change adaptation of the cities of the future. Projects within Sweden Water Research are run in close collaboration with the owner municipalities and will, in either the short or the long term, benefit day-to-day operations.

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Future City Water

Future City Water delivers state-of-the-art solutions that secure our most important commodity - drinking water. The smart drinking water systems of the future are automatically controlled to minimize leakage, ensure water quality and optimize water use throughout the supply chain, around the clock.

Water dynamics on bisphenol-covered silica as model for water purification filters

To optimize the efficiency of water filters, it is important to understand how the water interacts with the filter and how undesirable substances present in water impact the functionality of the filter. One of these undesirable substances is bisphenol A. This project will explore the potential of synthetic sand or clay filters in aiding in the removal of BPA from the water.