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Sandgren S. (2015) Urine volume reduction with a biomimetric membrane – a method evaluation. Master´s thesis. Kristianstad University, Sweden.,

Schleich, C., Chan, S., Pullerits, K., Besmer, M. D., Paul, C. J., Rådström, P., & Keucken, A. (2019) Mapping Dynamics of Bacterial Communities in a Full-Scale Drinking Water Distribution System Using Flow Cytometry. Water, pp. 11(10), 2137.

Seweling L. (2015) Phosphorus flows in Scania – a substance flow analysis. (In Swedish). Bachelor´s thesis. Stockholm University, Sweden.,

Simha, P, Gustavsson, D.J.I., Senecal, J., Vinnerås, B. (2017) Semi-decentralised urban sanitation systems: urine diversion and drying through a techno-conceptual lens. IWA Embrace the Water – a Cities of the Future Conference. 12-14 June 2017, Gothenburg, Sweden. ,

Simha, P., Senecal, J., Gustavsson, D.J.I., Vinnerås, B. (2020) Resource recovery from wastewater: a new approach with alkaline dehydration of urine at source. Current Developments in Biotechnology and Bioengineering: Sustainable Bioresources for Emerging Bioeconomy,

Sims S. (2017) Which Microbes Treat Our Wastewater? – A Study into the Microbial Community Structure of Activated Sludge at a Full-Scale Wastewater Treatment Plant for Varying Solids Retention Time. Master's thesis. Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden.,

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Sörensen J., Persson A., Sternudd C., Aspegren H., Nilsson J., Nordstrom J., Jonsson K., Mottaghi M., Becker P., Larsson R., Berndtsson R., & Mobini S. (2016) Re-thinking urban flood management – Time for a regime shift. Water 8(8), pp. 332.

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South N. (2014) Investigation of wastewater treatment solutions with membrane bioreactor technology and biological phosphorus removal in the future extension of Lundåkra WWTP. (In Swedish). Master´s thesis. Lund University, Sweden.,

Stefansdottir D. (2014) Manometric method for evaluation of anammox activity in mainstream anammox at Sjölunda WWTP. Master´s thesis. Lund University, Sweden.,

Suarez C., Persson F. & Hermansson M. (2015) Predation of nitritation-anammox biofilms used for nitrogen removal from wastewater. FEMS Microbiology Ecology 91(11),

Sweden Water Research (2015) Sweden Water Research company presentation

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Väänänen J., Nilsson F., la Cour Jansen J., Hörsing M., Hagman M. & Jönsson K. (2014) Discfiltration and ozonation for reduction of nutrients and organic micro-pollutants from wastewater – a pilot study. Water Practice and Technology 9(3), pp. 475-482.

Wärff, C (2020) Household wastewater generation model. Technical report. Division of Industrial Electrical Engineering and Automation, Lund University, LUTEDX/(TEIE-7279)/1-29/(2020), Lund, Sweden. ,

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Wärff, C., Arnell, M., Sehlén, R. Jeppsson, U. (2020) Modelling heat recovery potential from household wastewater Water, Science & Technology, DOI:

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