Hamse Kjerstadius

Project Manager

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Ongoing Projects

PhD project: Microplastics in urban waters

Microplastics (plastic particles smaller than 5 mm) have received increased attention in the last decade as a pollution of concern. Microplastics are found almost everywhere…

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Ongoing Projects

PhD project: Treatment of source separated greywater for lower effluent requirements with MBBR and Horizontal Filters

In the future we will need to achieve lower concentrations of nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorous that can cause algal blooms when they remain in…

Completed Projects

MACRO – Food in circular robust systems, step 3

MACRO (Food in Circular Robust Systems, step 3) is a Vinnova project within Challenge-driven innovation step 3 – implementation. The project will document processes for…

Ongoing Projects

The untapped potential of greywater: Decentralised treatment and use for blue-green public spaces

This project aims to show how green-blue infrastructure can be integrated into urban areas by continuously providing purified greywater for irrigation etc. during the summer….

Completed Projects

Run4Life – Recovery & utilisation of nutrients 4 low impact fertiliser

Run4Life demonstrates an alternative strategy for improving the recovery of resources from wastewaters, using a decentralised approach where blackwater (toilet wastewater), grey water (other domestic…

Completed Projects

NPHarvest – Sustainable recycling of phosphorus and nitrogen

NPHarvest consists of a pre-treatment with calcium hydroxide which results in the precipitation of phosphorus in a sludge-like phosphorus product, followed by a nitrogen recovery…

Completed Projects

Cultivating urban bazaars – for sustainable, job-creating urban development, step 3

In unused underground spaces or disused industrial premises, cultivations are created for fresh spices, lettuce and mushrooms. The surplus from sales is reinvested in social…

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Completed Projects

Nutrient recycling from wastewater – literature study: an overview of technologies, costs and environmental impact

The report describes established and new technologies for nitrogen recovery from waste­water and compares the nitrogen recovery methods with other ways of producing nitro­gen fertiliser…