Clemens Klante

PhD student

Clemens has previously worked as a project engineer in Germany at a Wastewater Treatment plant and came to Sweden in 2016 to study the Master in Water Resources Engineering at Lund University at the Faculty of engineering (LTH). In August 2018 he started his PhD for Sweden Water Research at the LTH at the department of Water Resources Engineering. The research aims to get a better understanding about the hydrology and hydraulic of lake Bolmen and how this affects the brownification. Moreover it will be investigated how the hydrodynamics between climate, rainfall, seasonal variations and special weather conditions affects the maritime system.

Master of Science in Water Resources Engineering, Lunds Universitet

Clemens Klante (2023) Hydrophysical processes governing brownification: A case study of Lake Bolmen, Sweden Water Resources Engineering, Lund University,

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