Ellen Edefell

PhD student


Ellen is an industrial PhD student employed by Sweden Water Research. The research focuses on reduction of micropollutants in wastewater.

She explores the possibilities to remove micropollutants by the use of activated carbon, microbial degradation in moving bed biofilm reactors (MBBRs) and in combinations with ozone.


Civilingenjör i Bioteknik vid Lunds Tekniska Högskola, med specialisering i bioprocessteknik

Relaterade publikationer

Ascard Edefell E. (2017) Challenges during start-up of urine nitrification in an MBBR. Master's thesis. Lund University, Sweden.,

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Edefell E., Ullman R., Bengtsson E. (2019) Ultrafilter och granulerat aktivt kol for avskiljning av mikroföroreningar (in Swedish) SVU-rapport Nr 2019-1. ,

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Ekblad M., Fältström E., Edefell E. (2017) Reducing concentrations of microplastics and organic micropollutants 8th International Young Water Professionals Conference, Kapstaden, Sydafrika, 10-13 december 2017,

Edefell, E., Falås, P., Torresi, E., Hagman, M., Cimbritz, M., Bester, K., & Christensson, M. (2021) Promoting the degradation of organic micropollutants in tertiary moving bed biofilm reactors by controlling growth and redox conditions Journal of Hazardous Materials,

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M. Cimbritz, E. Edefell, E. Thörnqvist, H. El-taliawy, M. Ekenberg, C. Burzio, O. Modin, F. Persson, B.-M. Wilén, K. Bester, P. Falås (2019) PAC dosing to an MBBR – Effects on adsorption of micropollutants, nitrification and microbial community Science of the Total Environment, pp. 571-579.

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Edefell, E., Falås, P., Kharel, S., Hagman, M., Christensson, M., Cimbritz, M., Bester, K. (2020) MBBRs as post-treatment to ozonation: Degradation of transformation products and ozone-resistant micropollutants Science of the Total Environment,

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