Jesper König

Senior project manager

Jesper König is focus area leader of the focuas area Intelligent water and wastewater networks.

Jesper has specialised on setting up and running complex collaboration projects where the public and private sectors participate together with academia. He has previously hold similar positions at the City of Malmö and Öresund Science Region, and is now employed by Lund University. Collaboration and development projects like this are usually funded by the EU or national agencies such as VINNOVA and demand specific competences when it comes to applying, operating and reporting. Jesper has previously managed an FP7-project (EU) with 32 partners in five countries, a regional project with a dozen partners in the greater Copenhagen area as well as application for and project management for the Pipestatus project. Jesper has been active within different thematic areas, such as education policies, sustainable transports, and, since 2013, water.

Fil kand i statsvetenskap

MA in European Affairs