Misagh Mottaghi

PhD student


Misagh Mottaghi is M.Sc. in Architecture Engineering and M.Sc. in Sustainable Urban Design. The main concept of her second Master’s Thesis, from Lund University, was revising the forgotten ancient water system (named MAADI) of the city of Isfahan in Iran, through water sensitive urban design. She applied decentralized water treatment systems as a design tool for recycling the water locally and creating ecological urban spaces and improving the quality of urban life.

In September 2013 she started working at Water and Environmental Engineering (VA-teknik) at LTH, Lund University. She has worked on several research projects in which her study was focusing on the role of urban planning and design in sustainable urban water management and understanding planning strategies and design principles for urban flood resilience.

She is currently a PhD student at LTH, Lund University. Her research is part of an on-going trans-disciplinary research project at Lund University named SUrF (Sustainable Urban Flood Management). Her PhD project is a joint research project and the supervision comes from Karin Jönsson (VA-teknik, LTH), Catharina Sternudd (Architecture Dep, LTH), Henrik Aspegren (VA-teknik, LTH/VA SYD) and Hans Bertil Wittgren (VA SYD).

In her research she is analyzing and reviewing the urban flood management through an urban design perspective. She is putting emphasis on the crucial points where urban design and water management must be integrated in urban development or redevelopment processes. Her main research interest is sustainability of urban planning and design with focus on water related environmental challenges.

Relaterade publikationer

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