Shifteh Mobini

PhD student

Shifteh Mobini is a PhD student at Water Resource Engineering division within the department of Building and Environmental Technology. She is part of the Sustainable Urban flood management project with funding from Forma.

She has a Master of science (MSc) in Water Resource Engineering from LTH- 2008. Master thesis was about “ Mass and Energy balance at the Gaobeidien Wastewater treatment plant in Beijing, China. The thesis was carried out at the Water and Environmental Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering, Lund University, with the scholarship funding from J. Gust Richer stiftelsen / Sweco.

Shifteh has worked 4 years in VA SYD as an Urban Drainage Engineer with modelling of swear pipelines and planning for the improvement of the sewage system.

The focus of her research is about the sustainable solution for urban flooding. Associate Professor, Rolf Larsson is the main supervisor and Professor Ronny Berndtsson is the Co supervisor.

Sörensen J., Persson A., Sternudd C., Aspegren H., Nilsson J., Nordstrom J., Jonsson K., Mottaghi M., Becker P., Larsson R., Berndtsson R., & Mobini S. (2016) Re-thinking urban flood management – Time for a regime shift. Water 8(8), pp. 332.

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