Simon Bengtsson

Developement Engineer, VA SYD

Simon conducts and leads research and development in wastewater treatment with a focus on resource efficiency, sustainability and resource recovery. He has worked with research, technology development, commercialization and consulting services around new processes for water treatment since 2002. Biological processes, energy efficiency and scaling up of new technologies are some of his areas of interest.

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Ongoing Projects

Decentralized wastewater treatment

In the Oceanhamnen district of Helsingborg, wastewater is source-separated into two fractions: greywater and blackwater….

Ongoing Projects

Hydrogen in the tank

A VA SYD PROJECT This project aims to reduce obstacles to changing to hydrogen as…

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Ongoing Projects

“Rent blås” – monitoring and maintenance of aeration diffusers

A VA SYD PROJECT The largest part of electricity use is normally due to aeration of…

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Ongoing Projects

FramBliK – The future biofilm process, still with continuous operation

The overall aim of this project is, in pilot-scale, study and develop a compact and…

Completed Projects

ELSA – Efficient aeration at the Swedish wastewater treatment plants

In the ELSA project, the foremost Swedish experts in aeration and operation and process engineers…

Ongoing Projects

Ideal Carbon Utilisation (ICU)

PHD PROJECT In municipal wastewater treatment, easily available carbon is needed as energy source for…

Ongoing Projects

Digital twin for sustainable and resource efficient operation of wastewater treatment plants

Within this project, a method for developing digital twins at WWTPs will be developed, including real time process simulation and data validation.

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Completed Projects

AGNES – Aerobic Granular sludge – Nutrient removal and recovery Efficiency in Sweden

The aerobic granular sludge (AGS) technology is an innovative, compact and energy efficient wastewater treatment process that seems to be mature for full-scale implementation around the world.