Master’s thesis proposal spring 2021: What is the economic and technical potential if the installation time of new drinking water pipes could be shortened?

A cost-benefit analysis with focus on drinking water quality


During 2021, VA SYD is performing a project together with Lund University, Sydvatten, NSVA and SWR. The project is economically supported by SVU – Svenskt Vatten Utveckling. This project will describe and evaluate rapid methods for monitoring water quality that are directly linked to specific interventions (both planned and unplanned) in establishing new drinking water pipes. By using online and rapid methods, the goal is to shorten the time during which the water quality is uncertain, by understanding the microbial dynamics in the context of these installations. This will reduce the amount of water that needs to be flushed and allow more time- and cost- efficient management of drinking water distribution.

As part of this SVU project; two Master theses will be performed. The results will be used in the project report.


The main objectives of this Master thesis are:

i. Literature review: What do we know about the societal costs related to installation works on the drinking water network? Including traffic shutdowns etc.

ii. Analysis of which activities or parts of the projects that are most costly for the performer as well as for society.

iii. Analysis of economic and technical potential if the installation time of new drinking water pipes could be shortened if new and faster methods were used when analysing drinking water quality.

ii and iii above are preferably performed using data from real installation works on drinking water systems within the VA SYD/Sydvatten area.


Please see Objective above. The methodology will be discussed togheter with the project group of the SVU project.


This Master thesis is performed as part of an SVU project and must therefore be performed regarding the prerequisites for this project. The Master Thesis can be written in English but good knowledge of Swedish is a prerequisite for the project.


Spring 2021.

Interested to perform this Master´s thesis?

Contact for questions or more information:

Josefin Barup, VA SYD,

Dr. Cathrine Paul, Lund University,