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Gustavsson D. J. I., Persson F. & la Cour Jansen J. (2014) Manammox – mainstream anammox at Sjölunda WWTP. Article: Proceedings of 9th IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition, Lisbon, Portugal, September 21-26, 2014.,

Gustavsson D.J.I., Persson, G. Persson, F. (2017) Nanammox – an attempt to maintain NOB repression in a two-stage mainstream nitritation-anammox system. 10th IWA International Conference on Biofilm Reactors. 9-12 maj 2017, Dublin, Irland.,

Gustavsson, D.J.I. (2017) How circular economy puts focus on innovation at VA SYD. WIN Water Partner Meeting. 14 september 2017, Malmö, Sverige.,

Gustavsson, D.J.I. (2017) Stora avlopp och kretslopp – dagens och morgondagens teknik. Nationell konferens Vatten Avlopp Kretslopp (VAK). 16-18 mars 2017, Norrköping, Sverige.,

Gustavsson, D.J.I., Persson, G., Suarez, C., Persson, F. (2017) Four years of piloting mainstream nitritation-anammox. Nordic Wastewater Conference (NORDIWA) 2017. 10-12 oktober 2017, Aarhus, Danmark.,

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Haghighatafshar S., la Cour Jansen J., Aspegren H., Lidström V., Mattsson A. & Jönsson K. (2014) Storm-water management in Malmö and Copenhagen with regard to climate change scenarios. Journal of Water Management and Research 70(3), pp. 159-168.

Haghighatafshar S., Roldin M. & Sörensen, J. (2016) Blå-gröna lösningars effektivitet i urban dagvattenhantering– erfarenheter från Augustenborg i Malmö. Forsknings- och innovationskonferens för hållbar dagvattenhantering, november 30-december 1, 2016, Stockholm, Sverige,

Haghighatafshar, S., la Cour Jansen, J., Aspegren, H., & Jönsson, K. (2018) Conceptualization and schematization of mesoscale sustainable drainage systems: a full-scale study. Water, pp. 10(8), 1041..

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Haghighatafshar, S., la Cour Jansen, J., Aspegren, H., Jönsson, K. (2017) Introduction of a novel conceptual model for sustainable drainage systems based on observed rainfall-runoff patterns – a case study. Muntlig presentation, 14th IWA/IAHR International Conference on Urban Drainage (ICUD 2107), 10-15 september 2017, Prag, Tjeckien.,

Haghighatafshar, S., Nilsson, F., Väänänen, J., Hagman, M., Hey, G., Bollmann, U. E., Bester, K., Jönsson, K. (2018) Microsieving coupled with O3 or ClO2 for treatment and disinfection of combined sewer overflows Journal of Water Management & Research (VATTEN), , pp. 74(3).

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Haghighatafshar, S., Nordlöf, B., Roldin, M., Gustafsson, L.-G., la Cour Jansen, J., & Jönsson, K.  (2018) Efficiency of blue-green stormwater retrofits for flood mitigation – Conclusions drawn from a case study in Malmö, Sweden Journal of Environmental Management., 207., pp. 60–69.

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Haghighatafshar, S., Roldin, M., Gustafsson, L.-G., la Cour Jansen, J., Jönsson, K. (2017) Sustainable urban drainage systems for cloudburst management in a combined sewer network perspective – a case study. Muntlig presentation, IWA konferensen Embrace the Water, 12-14 juni 2017, Göteborg, Sverige.,

Haghighatafshar, S., Yamanee-Nolin, M. & Larson, M. (2019) A physically based model for mesoscale SuDS – an alternative to large-scale urban drainage simulations Journal of Environmental Management, pp. 527-536.

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Hellstrand J. (2015) Nitrogen flow in Scania – substance flow analysis on a regional level. Master´s thesis, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden.,

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Martínez, L.M.T. et al. (eds.). Gonzalez-Perez, A., Persson, M K., Samuelsson, L. (2018) Semicondutor Eco-materials for water treatment Handbook of Ecomaterials, Book chapter,

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Mottaghi M. (2015) Innovative stormwater solutions. Workshop notes, April 29, 2015, Malmö.,

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Nantin, EL. (2018) Sektorsöverskridande samarbete i VA-branschen Svenskt Vatten Utveckling,

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Nilsson F., Hagman M., Mielczarek A. T., Halkjær Nielsen P. & Jönsson K. (2014) Application of ozone in full-scale to reduce filamentous bulking sludge at Öresundsverket WWTP. Ozone: Science & Engineering 36(3), pp. 238-243.

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Olofsson M. (2014) Method development of OUR test for measuring the activity of AOB, NOB and HB. (In Swedish). Internal report.,

Olofsson M. (2016) Stabilization of urine by nitrification in a moving bed biofilm reactor. Master´s thesis. Lund University, Sweden.,

Olsson A. (2017) Urine nitrification: Start-up with high strength urine. Master´s thesis. Lund University, Sweden.,

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Olsson, A. (2017) Urine nitrification – Start-up with high strength urine. Masteruppsats. Institutionen för Kemiteknik, Lunds universitet. ,

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Paul C. J. (2016) Disturbance of the bacterial communities in drinking water produced from established and newly-built slow sand filters. IWA Microbial Ecology in Water Engineering & Biofilms joint specialist conference, Copenhagen, Denmark.,

Penttinen, O. (2019) Pipe Status – Utlåtande angående utvärderade mätmetoder

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