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Lidén A., Keucken A. & Persson K. M. (2015) GenoMembran. Final report on project 2012–2015 (In Swedish). Swedish Water and Wastewater Association (SVU) report no. 2012-15.,

Lidén A., Lavonen E. & Persson K. M. (2015) Comparison of the NOM character in NF permeate and chemically treated water. Abstract: Proceedings of 6th IWA Specialist Conference on Natural Organic Matter in Water (NOM6), Malmö, Sweden, September 7-10, 2015.,

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Ljung, E., Borg Olesen, K., Andersson, P-G., Fältström, E., Vollertsen, J., Wittgren, H-B., Hagman, M. (2018) Mikroplaster i kretsloppet Svenskt Vatten Utveckling,

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Malm, A., Mokhlesi, S., Sernhed, K., Yarahmadi, N. (2016) Litteraturstudie för projektet Pipestatus

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Martínez, L.M.T. et al. (eds.). Gonzalez-Perez, A., Persson, M K., Samuelsson, L. (2018) Semicondutor Eco-materials for water treatment Handbook of Ecomaterials, Book chapter,

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Nantin, EL. (2018) Sektorsöverskridande samarbete i VA-branschen Svenskt Vatten Utveckling,

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Nilsson F., Hagman M., Mielczarek A. T., Halkjær Nielsen P. & Jönsson K. (2014) Application of ozone in full-scale to reduce filamentous bulking sludge at Öresundsverket WWTP. Ozone: Science & Engineering 36(3), pp. 238-243.

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Olsson, A. (2017) Urine nitrification – Start-up with high strength urine. Masteruppsats. Institutionen för Kemiteknik, Lunds universitet. ,

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Paul C. J. (2016) Disturbance of the bacterial communities in drinking water produced from established and newly-built slow sand filters. IWA Microbial Ecology in Water Engineering & Biofilms joint specialist conference, Copenhagen, Denmark.,

Penttinen, O. (2019) Pipe Status – Utlåtande angående utvärderade mätmetoder

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Pérez, J., van Loosdrecht M.C.M., Persson F., Gustavsson D.J.I. (2017) Partial nitritation-anammox in planar biofilm systems for N-removal a mainstream conditions: theoretical considerations. 10th IWA International Conference on Biofilm Reactors. 9-12 maj 2017, Dublin, Irland.,

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Pullerits, K. (2017) Goda bakterier i ditt vattenglas Stadshallen i Lund, Världsvattendagen, 22 mars 2017.,

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Pullerits, K. (2018) Impact of ultrafiltration on the distribution system biofilm IWA Sverige seminarium: Biofilms in drinking water supply systems, Palaestra i Lund, 18 januari 2018.,

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Pullerits, K., Ahlinder, J., Holmer, L. et al. (2020) Impact of UV irradiation at full scale on bacterial communities in drinking water.  npj Clean Water 3, 11 (2020), DOI:

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Reyes, D. (2019) Modelling heat recovery for urban wastewater systems – a case study from Malmö Department of Chemical Engineering, Lund University,

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Sims S. (2017) Which Microbes Treat Our Wastewater? – A Study into the Microbial Community Structure of Activated Sludge at a Full-Scale Wastewater Treatment Plant for Varying Solids Retention Time. Master's thesis. Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden.,

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Sörensen J., Persson A., Sternudd C., Aspegren H., Nilsson J., Nordstrom J., Jonsson K., Mottaghi M., Becker P., Larsson R., Berndtsson R., & Mobini S. (2016) Re-thinking urban flood management – Time for a regime shift. Water 8(8), pp. 332.

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Sörensen, J., Penttinen, O. (2019) Utvärdering av icke-förstörande mätmetoder för lokalisering av skador på rörledningar i mark – rapportering av projektet Pipe Status

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South N. (2014) Investigation of wastewater treatment solutions with membrane bioreactor technology and biological phosphorus removal in the future extension of Lundåkra WWTP. (In Swedish). Master´s thesis. Lund University, Sweden.,

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Sweden Water Research (2015) Årsredovisning 2014

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Sweden Water Research (2016) Årsredovisning 2015

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