Exjobbsförslag hösten 2020: Aktivitetstester för uppföljning av fermentering av primärslam



Municipal wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) possess the capacity to be energy-positive through allocation of organic carbon to biogas production. This is, however, in direct conflict with the need of readily available organic carbon source in the traditional biological nutrient removal (BNR) processes.

A novel combination of prefiltration and fermentation of primary sludge would allow for internal carbon source production, and effective BNR with low energy demand and footprint including high biogas production. The practical experience of the process combination is scarce, as is research on optimisation of primary sludge fermentation by advanced control. Pilot research is on-going at Källby WWTP in Lund to study and develop this process combination.

VA SYD is a municipal joint authority, operating several WWTPs in southern Sweden. VA SYD and its R&D company Sweden Water Research want to explore the possibilities implementing prefiltration in combination with primary sludge fermentation in the next generation of WWTPs.


The main objectives of this project are to develop standardised ex-situ batch activity tests for studying (i) the substrate fermentation potential, and (ii) the fermentation activity of the microbial community in the fermentation reactors.


The methods developed should be able to be performed in lab reactors in the laboratory at Källby WWTP. The fermentation activity of the microbial community will be studied by adding a synthetic substrate.


Höst 2020


Kontakta en av handledarna för detta examensarbete:

  • David Gustavsson, Research Leader, VA SYD/Sweden Water Research (david.gustavsson@vasyd.se)
  • Elin Ossiansson, PhD student, VA SYD/Sweden Water Research/Chalmers University of Technology (elin.ossiansson@vasyd.se)
  • Michael Cimbritz, Senior Lecturer, Lund University (michael.cimbritz@chemeng.lth.se)

Här hittar du mer information om pilotprojektet:

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