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Sims, S. (2017) Which Microbes Treat Our Wastewater? – A Study into the Microbial Community Structure of Activated Sludge at a Full-Scale Wastewater Treatment Plant for Varying Solids Retention Time. Chalmers University of Technology (Examensarbete - Institutionen för bygg- och miljöteknik, Chalmers tekniska högskola),

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Olsson, A. (2017) Urine nitrification: Start-up with high strength urine. Master´s thesis. Lund University, Sweden.,

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Gidstedt, S. (2017) Production of volatile fatty acids by hydrolysing sludge from Sjölunda WWTP. Master´s thesis. Lund University, Sweden.,

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Ascard Edefell, E. (2017) Challenges during start-up of urine nitrification in an MBBR. Master's thesis. Lund University, Sweden.,

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Sweden Water Research (2017) Årsredovisning 2016

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Mottaghi M. (2016) Water resilient cities – Swedish cities and the need for the integrated urban water management with focus on flood resilience. VA-teknik Södra report no. 03-2015. ,

Gustavsson D. J. I. (2016) Vad är hållbar avloppsvattenhantering? VA-mässan 2016, Jönköping, Sweden, September 27-29, 2016.,

Chan S. (2016) The invisible world in a glass of water. Master class presentation, The Bridge summit 2016 Pushing Humanity Forward by Linking Science and Business, Lund, Sweden, June 22-23, 2016.,

Chan S., Rådström P., Persson K. & Paul C. (2016) The establishment of bacterial community in two new slow sand filters. 10th Nordic Drinking Water Conference, Reykjavik, Iceland, September 28-30, 2016.,

Olofsson M. (2016) Stabilization of urine by nitrification in a moving bed biofilm reactor. Master´s thesis. Lund University, Sweden.,

(2016) Slutrapport ”Den varma och rena staden” inkl delrapporter.

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Lidén A. (2016) Safe drinking water in a changing environment – membrane filtration in a Swedish context. Doctoral thesis. Department of Water Resource Engineering, Lund University.,