Eco-technological solutions to remove micro-pollutants and micro-plastics from wastewater.

BONUS CLEANWATER was a research project working with solutions to reduce micro-pollutants and micro-plastics in the Baltic Sea between 2017 and 2020. The project was focusing on innovative research on water technology to remove micro-pollutants and micro-plastic from wastewater. 

The BONUS CLEANWATER project was a multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary research effort integrating the following core disciplines: natural science, technology and engineering, finance (cost effectiveness) and environmental performance assessment by use of life cycle assessment of the reference and CLEANWATER eco-technologies.


Download the BONUS CLEANWATER summary of final results here (open pdf).


The BONUS CLEANWATER project has received funding from BONUS, funded jointly by the EU and Innovation Fund Denmark, Sweden’s innovation agency VINNOVA and the German Ministry for Education and Science (BMBF).

BONUS EU logotypes

Project goals

  • Develop eco‐technological solutions for removing micropollutants and microplastic from contaminated water
  • Determine the dominant source, wastewater or stormwater, for various micropollutants and microplastics
  • Develop testing methods for analysis of xenobiotics and microplastics in storm‐, leachate‐ and wastewater

Project period

April 2017 - April 2020