Sweden Water Research

World-leading expertise in sustainable water services

About Sweden Water Research

We conduct research, development and innovation for sustainable water use.

Sweden Water Research is NSVA, Sydvatten and VA SYD’s joint research and development company. Together with our owners, we meet future challenges related to water quality, digital transformation and circular economy.
We conduct world leading research and development in sustainable water sercices where the benefit of our owners is in focus. Through collaboration we increase the opportunity to create international contacts in the field of research with a view to contributing towards a sharing of knowledge also beyond the Swedish borders. A vibrant partnership with industry, universities, cities and municipalities is an important part of our work to climate-proof our waters.

Strategic focus

We work rpoject-based with research, development and innovation in open networks and collaborations.

Our three overall strategic goals are:

  1. In 2023, Sweden Water Research will have an established and known working methodology for solving challenges concerning water quality, digitization and the circular economy.
  2. In 2023, Sweden Water Research will be a visible and attractive partner for both owners and important stakeholders.
  3. In 2023, Sweden Water Research is a recognized success factor in our owners’ work to secure a future supply of skills for the water sector.

Quick facts

Focus areas:
Pollutants in the water environment, Removal of organic micropollutants in wastewater, Circular wastewater systems, Resource efficient and environmental friendly wastewater treatment, Biological stability of drinking water, Drinking water in a changing climate, Intelligent water and wastewater networks, Innovation and leadershop of circular systems.

Holding company:

Henrik Aspegren
Phone: +46 730 32 30 56
Email: henrik.aspegren@swrab.se


Press contact
Anna Kristiansson
Phone: +46 40 635 02 59
Email: anna.kristiansson@vasyd.se

Malin Nydesjö
Phone: +46 40 635 01 67
Email: malin.nydesjo@vasyd.se