Final conference for the Rest till Bäst project

A range of results were presented at the project Rest till Bäst final conference in Malmö last week.

The purpose of the project Rest till bäst (Residues to best use – biochar as solution and product in the circular and climate positive society) has been to develop solutions for handling society’s organic waste products (park and garden waste, sewage sludge, algae and seaweed) and create a sought-after useful product (biochar) while minimising the environmental and climate impact and establishing a carbon sink.

Some of the results of the project are the book Biokolhandboken, which will be updated shortly. Skånefrö has tested a sludge dryer and has also pyrolysed some sludge in its pyrolysis plant. A two-year field trial with one sludge biochar and other biochars has been carried out at one of Orkla’s contract growers in collaboration with Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Linnaeus University and Hushållningssällskapet. In addition, some pot trials and chemical characterisation of a few sludge biochars have been carried out. VA SYD has participated in the last sub-project, but their sludge has been used in the project before.

System studies of pyrolysis of sewage sludge, and other biochar systems, are conducted by Lisa Zakrisson (PhD student) at SLU. A lot of results remain to be published, so we will get back to you with more of Rest till Bäst‘s results.

Rest till Bäst has been running since 2017 and has been part-financed by Vinnova (Sweden´s innovation agency) in three subsequent sub-projects. The municipality of Lund, headed by Markus Paulsson, has been the project manager.

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Residues to best use – biochar as solution and product in the circular and climate positive society