Phosphorus availability in sludge biocharis to be studied in crop frame trial

The Swedish Water and Wastewater Association Development Fund has granted a project where phosphorus availability in sewage sludge and sludge biochar is to be studied in crop frame trials at the University of Copenhagen.

In a four-year frame trial, uptake of phosphorus and heavy metals will be evaluated from two different types of sewage sludge and five different sludge biochars in frame trials. The soil’s chemical properties that relate to phosphorus availability will be be studied continuously.

The objective is to increase knowledge about how sewage sludge and sludge biochar are utilized by plants in terms of phosphorus utilization in the short and long term. This will enable the assessment of the phosphorus fertilization value of these products.

The project is led by research leader David Gustavsson from VA SYD.

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Phosphorus availability in sludge biochar