1st Swedish Conference on Sewage Sludge Biochar

Venue:  Malmö, Sweden


The destiny of sewage sludge is and has been in the Swedish debate for decades. More than one third of the Swedish sewage sludge is spread on farmland, but a ban could be just a decade away. Today´s alternative use, as soil amendment and coverage of landfills etc, will not be allowed in the future.

Sewage sludge pyrolysis with farmland application of the remaining sludge biochar is an exciting alternative, giving opportunities for e.g. phosphorus looping, volume minimisation, local energy neutral sludge destruction, removal of cadmium and organic micropollutants, and carbon sequestration. However, the technology is still mature, and the full-scale applications are very few around the world.

VA SYD together with several cooperating organisations are exploring sewage sludge pyrolysis in the project Testbed Ellinge – drying, pyrolysis and productification of sewage sludge, which e.g. includes a pilot project at the Ellinge Sewage Treatment plant in Eslöv, Sweden.

The conference

Testbed Ellinge hereby announces the 1st Swedish Conference on Sewage Sludge Biochar October 11-12, 2022 in Malmö, Sweden!

The conference with touch upon several aspects regarding sewage sludge pyrolysis and sludge biochar characterisation and applications. The first day will be filled with exciting talks about the research in the field. Furthermore, technology providers will have their opportunity to present their set-ups and findings. The second day will have a focus on workshops for discussing e.g. the road of implementation of sludge pyrolysis technology and markets for sludge biochars.

We are happy to announce the attendance of at least the following speakers and technology providers at the conference:

Study visit to Denmark on October 13th

Also, on the day after the conference, October 13th, a study visit to the full-scale sewage sludge drying and pyrolysis at Fårevejle Renseanlæg in Denmark is organised.

Contribute or attend the conference

Do you want to contribute as a researcher or technology provider at this conference? Contact david.gustavsson@vasyd.se!

Do you want to attend this conference? Contact david.gustavsson@vasyd.se as well.

Conference fee

Conference fee – 1800 SEK