Henrik Aspegren


Henrik Aspegren is CEO for Sweden Water Research since August 2019. He is also Adjunct Professor at Lund University Sweden.

Sörensen J., Persson A., Sternudd C., Aspegren H., Nilsson J., Nordstrom J., Jonsson K., Mottaghi M., Becker P., Larsson R., Berndtsson R., & Mobini S. (2016) Re-thinking urban flood management – Time for a regime shift. Water 8(8), pp. 332.

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Mottaghi M., Aspegren H. & Jönsson K. (2015) The necessity for re-thinking the way we plan our cities with the focus on Malmö. VATTEN – Journal of Water Management and Research 71(1), pp. 37-44.

Haghighatafshar, S., la Cour Jansen, J., Aspegren, H., Jönsson, K. (2017) Introduction of a novel conceptual model for sustainable drainage systems based on observed rainfall-runoff patterns – a case study. Oral presentation, 14th IWA/IAHR International Conference on Urban Drainage (ICUD 2107), 10-15 September 2017, Prague, Czech.,

Haghighatafshar, S., la Cour Jansen, J., Aspegren, H., & Jönsson, K. (2018) Conceptualization and schematization of mesoscale sustainable drainage systems: a full-scale study. Water, pp. 10(8), 1041..

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(2016) Slutrapport “Den varma och rena staden” inkl delrapporter. (In Swedish).

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Haghighatafshar S., la Cour Jansen J., Aspegren H., Lidström V., Mattsson A. & Jönsson K. (2014) Storm-water management in Malmö and Copenhagen with regard to climate change scenarios. Journal of Water Management and Research 70(3), pp. 159-168.

Mottaghi M., Jönsson K. & Aspegren H. (2016) Integrated urban design and open storm drainage in our urban Environments. Water Practice and Technology 11(1),, pp. 118-126.