Salar Haghighatafshar

Project manager

Salar Haghighatafshar is a project manager at Sweden Water Research and will be primarily responsible for two projects: firstly, Sweden Water Research’s contribution to Mistra InfraMaint Phase II, which focuses on climate adaptation of the city’s stormwater pipeline network; secondly, the R&D collaboration on the use of X-band radar in the Öresund region.

He has previously worked as a researcher at Lund University’s Faculty of Engineering (LTH), specializing in improving design and dimensioning paradigms for a climate-adapted stormwater management system. He has also been involved in the assessment and optimization of blue-green stormwater systems within a broader context of urban stormwater infrastructure.

Salar will continue to maintain ties with the academic world through supervising thesis projects and doctoral candidates. He is also the course coordinator and main lecturer for the Urban Stormwater Management course at LTH.

Visit Salar’s profile at the Lund University Research Portal.