David Gustavsson

Research leader


David Gustavsson is focus area leader of focus areas Removal of organic micropollutants in wastewater, Circular wastewater systems and Resource efficient and environmental friendly wastewater treatment

David started to work at Malmö Water & Sewage Works/VA SYD in 2006. He is hired (100%) into Sweden Water Research as research leader. His research focus on making the centralised municipal wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) more efficient, not only by actions inside the fence of the WWTP but also by upstream work. He is especially interested in biological processes, system analyses, recycling loops of plant nutrients and urine separation.

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Ongoing Projects

New Sjölunda – bromate formation and regeneration of GAC

There is today a direction decision for the introduction of treatment from pharmaceutical residues and other organic micropollutants at Sjölunda WWTP. According to a feasibility…

Ongoing Projects

Increased production of biogas through industrial symbiosis – co-digestion of steam pretreated straw and sewage sludge

The potential could be realised in a socio-economically profitable way through industrial symbiosis between agricultural straw production, combined heat and power plants that supply steam,…

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Ongoing Projects

Characterisation of municipal wastewater

Existing load data from WWTPs are important, but are often deficient, and standard values for concentrations and mass flows for different substances and quotas between…

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Completed Projects

Nutrient recycling from wastewater – literature study: an overview of technologies, costs and environmental impact

Dewatered digested sludge contains in principle all phosphorus that is separated at a municipal wastewater treatment plant (WWTP). However, only about 15% of the nitrogen…

Ongoing Projects

Residues to best use – biochar as solution and product in the circular and climate positive society

The project will continue to develop pyrolysis for seed residues, sewage sludge and seaweed. The climate benefits resulting from biochar production will be calculated. The…

Ongoing Projects

Digital twin for sustainable and resource efficient operation of wastewater treatment plants

Within this project, a method for developing digital twins at WWTPs will be developed, including real time process simulation and data validation.

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Ongoing Projects

AGNES – Aerobic Granular sludge

The aerobic granular sludge (AGS) technology is an innovative, compact and energy efficient wastewater treatment process that seems to be mature for full-scale implementation around the world.

Ongoing Projects


By successfully utilising anammox bacteria, the electrical energy demand can decrease, eventual methanol dosage could be stopped, the biogas production can increase and recirculation flows…

Relaterade publikationer

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